Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Ichiro Suzuki, Jose Altuve, and Mike Trout. Those are the top 5 active players in the MLB according to Baseball Reference's Black-Ink Test.

The Black-Ink Test is used to evaluate how often a player leads the league in certain categories. For example, if a player leads their league in home runs, they would be assigned four points. The entire point system can be seen here:

4 points: lead league in home runs, runs batted in, or batting average

3 points:  runs scored, hits, or slugging

2 points: doubles, walks, or stolen bases

1 points: games, at-bats, or triples

Altuve has a Black-Ink Test score of 29 due to him leading the AL in batting average three times, hits four times, stolen bases twice, and at-bats once.  It is impressive that Altuve is 4th among active leaders while only being 27 years old.

Altuve can easily break into the top-50 all-time in the test with a good year in 2018 and be among the all-time greats should he continue to dominate the American League like he has the past four seasons.